Who Am I?

As a child, my favorite place was a seat at my grandmother’s table, where I quietly lingered — prolonging my meal, so that I could observe life.

As an introvert, it took a while for me to find my voice, and when I did; oh wow, you can say there is never a dull or quiet moment.

My family had varying degrees of artistic talents, that we privately enjoyed. I painted at night when the house was silent — so that I could feel, uninterrupted.

It was in high school, under the direction of my high school homeroom teacher, I was pushed to join the choir as a needed elective, and it was there I heard sounds of acceptance and I was able to share and express myself publicly.

Addressing my fears one by one, allowed me to explore and experience life-changing opportunities. I pushed myself to pursue employment in fields that required me to step out of the shadows, working at a Funeral Home, Modeling Agency, and even the FBI, before starting my 30-year career in Hospitality Management and serving the public.

Through it all, I learned to appreciate my talents and to share my interests and passions, through painting, crafting, music, cooking, and now writing for public consumption.

I currently live in Palm Coast, Florida, and enjoy the company of friends, family, and my Fur-baby Bella. I am a fan of arts, travel, and music. I’m also interested in politics and cooking. You can read my articles with a click on the button above.

I am Carol, I am me 365, I am here.

Hot, cold, coming, going - I am Carol 365. Pick you up and lay you down in the same breath, that’s the Baltimore in me. Eclectic topics and not afraid to share.

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